Tips for Organizing Your High Heel Wardrobe

Tips for Organizing Your High Heel Wardrobe

Are you running out of room for your growing shoe wardrobe? I know I am. My closet will not fit Many High Heel Shoe. I now have four hanging shoe bins for my shoes and that still isn’t enough. Soon I will need to dedicate an entire room in my house to the collection of my favorite high heels. I do wish that I had a walk-in closet to store my growing collection of high heels, but like many other folks out there who are in my “shoes”, I have to think up innovative ways for storage in my home.

I did find some really neat shoe storage gadgets (I’m the guru of gadgets). I’m a sucker for anything that makes my life easier and less complicated.

Here are the ones that I like:

I like the idea of shoe organizers that slide under the bed. Some of them have a see-through cover so you can just slide them out from under the bed and see right away what’s inside the container, plus they’re out the of-the way and out of sight.

Also, I have many pairs of High heel and right now they’re in one of those pop-up storage cubes, which are not the best storage solution because they get crumpled and make it impossible to see what you’ve got. I spend an invaluable amount of time rooting around until I’ve eventually found the pair of High heel I’m looking for. I like the shoe containers that store under …

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