Tips for Organizing Your High Heel Wardrobe

Tips for Organizing Your High Heel Wardrobe

Are you running out of room for your growing shoe wardrobe? I know I am. My closet will not fit Many High Heel Shoe. I now have four hanging shoe bins for my shoes and that still isn’t enough. Soon I will need to dedicate an entire room in my house to the collection of my favorite high heels. I do wish that I had a walk-in closet to store my growing collection of high heels, but like many other folks out there who are in my “shoes”, I have to think up innovative ways for storage in my home.

I did find some really neat shoe storage gadgets (I’m the guru of gadgets). I’m a sucker for anything that makes my life easier and less complicated.

Here are the ones that I like:

I like the idea of shoe organizers that slide under the bed. Some of them have a see-through cover so you can just slide them out from under the bed and see right away what’s inside the container, plus they’re out the of-the way and out of sight.

Also, I have many pairs of High heel and right now they’re in one of those pop-up storage cubes, which are not the best storage solution because they get crumpled and make it impossible to see what you’ve got. I spend an invaluable amount of time rooting around until I’ve eventually found the pair of High heel I’m looking for. I like the shoe containers that store under …

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How To Wear High Heels Correct

How To Wear High Heels Correct

Shoes are capable of invoking a euphoria, unlike any other item. You can never have enough high heels. Regardless of how often they see the light of day, knowing they are in the closet, standing at attention is enough.

The high heel shoe brings a lot to the table though. They can define the curvature of a woman’s leg and offers height, confidence, and sass. Wearing them generates a woman’s inner goddess, making her a force to be reckoned with.

There are guidelines for choosing the right shoe that is simply that, guidelines, feel free to improvise. When you fall in love with a particular high heel, the rules can go out the window. Heels have that power. Be a little reckless and go with the pair that makes your heart do flip flops.

Shoe Sense

Generally speaking though, like all fashion choices, keep the overall shape of your body in mind when shopping.

*Short women look out of proportion when they wear very high heels. Medium height, slender heels are chicer.

*Tall women, can and should, wear heels. They can look stunning, granted they wear the height with pride, and keep their head up and shoulders back.

*Dresses and outfits with a lot of volumes, such as wide pants, thick sweaters, and billowy tunic tops, look best with chunky heels.

*Spiky heels paired with light fabrics and pencil skirts look fantastic.

* Ankle straps accentuate slim legs, but at the same time, they shorten and widen the look. Keep …

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