Suede Fringe Heels

In this two half tune, Abel offers short-term love, intercourse, and drugs to a lady who desperately desires it. During the social gathering, Abel’s not solely willing, however more than happy to serve this girl. The songs on My Aim Is True are laced with biting humor and sleazy noir pictures of lust, sex, guilt, revenge, Fascism (No Dancing”, Mystery Dance”, Less Than Zero”, Watching the Detectives”), good listening material for a high school kid tooling around city in a lime green VW Bug to soak up, if only by osmosis.

Equally at ease in his birthday swimsuit (as the sleeves for his eponymous second album and Lovesexy each attest) as in sequins, furs and multi-layered lace – his Purple Rain-era outfit for the 1985 American Music Awards would have discovered favour with Liberace – Prince doesn’t do dull.

Early in my career I tried to compensate for that by …

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