Summer Dressing Tips

Summer Dressing Tips

Most Asian countries basically have two seasons, namely the summer and the rainy season. To adjust to the two seasons, of course, you also have to adjust your dress style according to the current weather.

Indeed, there are no certain restrictions in choosing clothes to use. But besides choosing clothes that can make you appear more attractive, of course you also have to pay attention to the comfort factor when using these clothes.

When summer arrives, the hot sun will definitely make you feel hot and sweaty, especially for those of you who often do activities outside the home. Therefore, you should choose clothes that make you comfortable when using them by reading the following tips.

Summer Dressing Tips

1. Avoid tight clothes

Clothes that are too tight can lead to insufficient ventilation or air in and out of your body, which in turn will make it easier to sweat. In addition, clothes that are too tight will also limit your movement, especially for those of you who often do activities outside the home that require you to move more. We recommend that you choose cheap summer dresses like Cut Out Printed Sapphire Blue Dress, which you can find at lover-beauty.

2. Shorts and chinos

Chinos can be an alternative to jeans or denim pants, which will be perfect for you to wear when summer arrives. These cotton pants with various color choices are very suitable for use in various places, from the office to college to traveling. In addition, one of the pants that is currently a trend can also make your appearance look more fashionable. As for just going to hangout at the mall, you can choose to wear shorts which of course will make you feel more comfortable and free to move.

Summer Dressing Tips

3. Cotton

Clothes made of cotton are the most appropriate clothes to wear when summer arrives. The excellent ability of cotton and linen to absorb sweat and light materials make these two materials very suitable for use in summer. In addition, clothes made of cotton and linen will allow the pores of your skin to breathe more freely during hot weather, thereby minimizing the production of sweat from the body.

But you should choose clothes with quality cotton so that you feel more comfortable when using them. Usually on the clothes label there is a description of the material, some are 100% cotton, some are 60% cotton. We recommend that you choose cheap shapewear with a higher cotton composition, namely 100% cotton, which has not been mixed with other materials so that it will certainly feel more comfortable when used, especially when sweating due to hot weather.

Summer Dressing Tips

4. Color and pattern selection

Surely you already know that dark colors like black can make you feel even more hot and sweaty when in the sun. Therefore, you should use bright and soft colors like mint green, peach, baby blue and so on. Besides that, bright colors will also make you feel more vibrant and the reflection of the bright colors you use will give a youthful and cheerful impression to those of you who use them.

How do you know what kind of clothes you should wear when the weather is hot? You don’t want to sweat and feel uncomfortable just because you choose the wrong clothes. So for those of you who want to buy clothes that are suitable for you to use for hot weather like this time, you can find them at lover-beauty at an affordable price.