How to Protect Your Dress After Use

How to Protect Your Dress After Use

It is very important to take care of your wedding dress after you buy it. The wedding outfit has been made for many years to last. However, certain bad experiences have ruined the beauty of your outfit. In this article, we will tell you how to protect your wedding dress and keep it for years to come.

Clean It Properly

Before you fold it and store it properly. Every time you wear your dress, make sure it is clean. You can use a dry vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of your dress if the dust gets attached to it. You should also use a dry cloth to dry it so that it remains clean for later use.

Pack The Dress Carefully Into Acid-Free Boxes

You should wrap it in acid-free paper to keep it safe from damage. If you fold it properly, no creases will appear in the fabric. This will ensure that the garment does not retain creases even after it is folded. If there are creases, the creases will not appear on the dress when it is folded correctly.

You should place your dress into a box or plastic bag which can be completely closed. Make sure the bag is placed in an area where it will not get dirty. You can use a clothesline to suspend the bag over the dress. It can be suspended above the ground or wrapped around the pole of the house.

Store It With Care

When you are learning how to protect your dress after use, it is important to keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. You should also keep it away from sharp objects so that it does not snag on anything. You should store it in a cool dry area and roll it up rather than letting it hang in the open. Roll it up in a towel so that dust bunnies do not accumulate on the surface.

Depends On The Type Of Fabric You Are Using

How to protect your dress after use depends on the type of fabric you are using. Some materials do not need any special treatment to keep them clean. They can be easily folded into a ball and ironed while others need to be treated before folding into a ball. You should learn how to fold the fabric properly to ensure that it does not snag on anything when you are storing it.

Some materials like satin will need more work than others when you are learning how to fold it properly. Satin is especially soft and when you are trying to fold it into a ball, wrinkles are very likely to occur. If you have purchased a beautiful piece of satin fabric, you should take it to a professional to have the wrinkles corrected before storing it for the season.

Learning How To Fold It Properly

Learning how to protect your dress after use also involves learning how to fold it properly. When you are learning how to fold your garment properly, you should fold it from the top to bottom and front to back. Gather the material under the garment with a pinching motion and then flatten it into a ball. The folds should not line up. You should roll it into a ball by using a rolling pin and then press it lightly against the inside of the fabric. When you are learning how to protect your dress after use, this step should be taught first.