7 Tips to Keep You Shoes Fashionable and Comfortable in Summer

7 Tips to Keep You Shoes Fashionable and Comfortable in Summer

When comes to today’s modern fashions, you must think of the slim high heel shoes, skin-tight hipster jeans, and cute hand-held purses, really make you look sharp but may not be all that great for your body. It is really difficult to balance, the high heel shoes are that sexy and can keep a good figure with that. We believe everyone wants to be cool and stand out all the time.

However, in this modern society, people don’t like to be good looking at the cost of their health quality. Is it a problem to be cool or to be healthy for you?

These tips will help you stay fashionable and comfortable:

  • I remember that when I met my boyfriend for the first date. We went to many shops and strolled in the streets and gardens for almost the whole day. I, a poor soul, was so sorry for my feet that day, for there were two blisters on my both feet against the high heel shoes. Here the tip is that when you are in wear high heels, but bring along a pair of flats to change into should your feet start screaming in pain. Being well prepared all the time, never make the same mistake again.
  • If you go to the shoe store to try on the high heel Christian Louboutin shoes, you should be more careful. Generally speaking, two feet are not the same size; you should try with the bigger foot. If the Christian Louboutin shoes on your feet are uncomfortable when you stand, they’re likely to feel even worse when you walk. You can make sure that the shoes are not yours. The wrong shoes can affect the body’s center of gravity. What’s worse, it is somewhat potentially dangerous for the uneven roads.
  • It is widely acknowledged that 95% of people make a living with computers with the rapid development of the global internet nowadays. Sitting for a long time in front of the screens is not strange for the office staff. The eye fatigue, cervical vertebra rheumatic pain, and some other body syndromes are warnings. While sitting for any length of time, take frequent standing breaks to alleviate atrophy of the hamstring muscles. This small exercise can refresh your body effectively.
  • The tight clothes are fashionable focus all the year-round, especially for the girls with the magic figures. If you like tight clothes, like Ed Hardy jeans, you should also choose items that allow you to perform daily tasks with ease. It is wonderful to go to the exercise club or go camping with friends or family on the weekend. These days, body-hugging clothes are mostly made of stretch fabric – hooray!
  • What do you put in your handbag? Usually, I put the basic makeup tools, a notebook, old receipts, business cards, mobile and sometimes an umbrella, and so on. I don’t think it is heavy for a short way taking. What we should do is that when carrying a bag or briefcase, switch sides frequently to avoid placing the bulk of the weight on only one side of your body.
  • If you hurry and can not find a business card from your handbag or briefcase, it is time for you to empty junk and other unnecessary items–old receipts, business cards, gum wrappers, etc – from your bag to make it lighter and to make it in good order.
  • If you’re driving or sitting for long periods, please remember to remove your wallet or card holder from your back pocket. Maybe you only put a card in the back pocket that it is not good for the card and maybe prevent your flexible operation.

Hope these tips are helpful for your work and your entertainment life. What’s more, they are good for your health.